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An original late Victorian sash window in need of some attention. The wood was sound but the window had been painted up for at least 20 years and the fittings had broken. The two sections did not meet in the middle.

The window was partly dismantled, much of the old paint removed and repairs carried out to the corners and to the sill. New parting beads, staff beads, pulleys,cords and locks were fitted and the window was refitted.


  • Sash window rennovation: Sash Window 1
    An interior view showing the old fittings, the painted up window which would not move and the meeting bars not meeting.
  • Sash window rennovation: Sash Window 2
    An exterior view showing the painted up window. Although the window has been well maintained it has many coats of paint that need stripping off and there is some rot in the corner.
  • Sash window rennovation: Sash Window 3
    The old paint has been removed from the frame, the top window has been freed and the old morter round the frame has been removed.
  • Sash window rennovation: Sash Window 4
    The draught proofing strips on the meeting bar and the edge of the window. The frame has a groove cut to accommodate these.
  • Sash window rennovation: Sash Window 5
    A view of the finished window from the inside. The draught proof strip on the meeting bar can clearly be seen on the main photograph and on the lower and centre detail photographs. The top photo shows the locking catch and the meeting bars lined up. The window is awaiting its final painting.
  • Sash window rennovation: Sash Window 6
    The finished window awaiting painting. Both sections open smoothly and the window is draught proof, rattle free and good for another 100 years.
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