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The base of a pillar of a late Victorian window had badly rotted but the rest of the window was in good condition. The rotten wood was removed and a new base was created and fixed using a special resin and finished with a coat of primer. With regular painting it should be good for another 100 years.


  • Bay window repair: Before
    An original bay window dating from about 1900. A sill had rotted and needed replacing. The rotten wood was removed and moisture levels were checked.
  • Bay window repair: Before 2
    Further invesigation showed there was rot in other parts of the window where the frame met the sills.
  • Bay window repair: Resin
    All the rotten wood was removed and new timber fitted. The wood was fixed into place with a special resin.
  • Bay window repair: Finished
    The finished window, primed and ready for painting.
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